Australia is known as the lucky country, with beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, amazing flora and fauna, along with cosmopolitan cities and a thriving economy. But Australia is also a dangerous continent, as along with a variety of deadly animals we are prone to many of the different types of natural disasters that can cause damage and loss. Bushfires, tropical cyclones, severe convective storms and destructive low pressure systems are annual events, with insurance losses in the billions each year.

About You

You work in the insurance industry, either in Australia or internationally, with a focus on reinsuring Australian property exposures. You understand capital, risk and the workings of catastrophe models used to simulate financial losses. You have access to models for some of the perils to which Australia is exposed, but not all. You have some limited data on past Australian loss causing events, but are unsure of the completeness and quality of that information.


Your Needs

Would you like to be able to model bushfires, tropical cyclones, severe convective storms and destructive low pressure systems? Could you use models for residential, commercial, industrial and motor portfolios which are consistent with past industry losses and are calibrated against current Australia-wide property exposures? Do you like models that are completely transparent and feed directly into your own internal systems? Would you like those answers in less than a minute?



We have answers available now to address your needs. We model the magnitude of large events and frequency of smaller events, as well as correlations between the different perils due to regional weather patterns. We can provide your financial modelling system with the inputs it requires to simulate periods taking account of non-Poisson peril clustering and cross-peril correlations, allowing you to more realistically model third and fourth event covers.